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KingsPoker Texas Hold’Em Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 12.09.2023

1. Introduction

At AMAZING APPS SRL, we’re more than just developers. We are custodians of your trust and stewards of your data. This responsibility is one we take very seriously, which is reflected in the care and detail we have put into our KingsPoker Texas Hold’Em game. This Privacy Policy is a testament to our commitment to you, ensuring clarity and transparency in how we treat the data you entrust with us, how it’s used, and how it’s protected.

2. The Scope of This Policy

Our commitment to your privacy isn’t limited to just KingsPoker Texas Hold’Em. It extends to all services and interactions you might have with AMAZING APPS SRL. While this policy focuses primarily on KingsPoker Texas Hold’Em, be aware that other services and products from our suite might have their own distinct guidelines, each crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail.

3. Information We Collect

Every aspect of KingsPoker Texas Hold’Em, from its graphics to its mechanics, is crafted with precision. This dedication extends to our data practices. To provide a seamless gaming experience, we collect:

  • Device Information: This includes intricate details such as hardware specifications, software nuances, IP addresses, and sometimes locale settings to optimize your gameplay.
  • Gameplay Data: Beyond the surface details like scores and rankings, we also monitor patterns, in-game purchases, and your interactions with other players to constantly refine the game environment.
  • Feedback and Support: Every message you send, whether it’s a bug report or a compliment, provides invaluable insights. We store this to shape our responses and future updates.
  • Authentication Information: We streamline your sign-in process by using authentication services from third-party platforms like Facebook and Gmail. From these platforms, we collect your basic profile information such as your display name, profile image, and email address to create or link your game account.

4. Third-Party Integration

Our integration with third-party platforms like Facebook, Google and Apple aims to enhance your gaming experience by providing a seamless authentication process:

  • What We Collect: When you choose to authenticate your account through these third-party platforms, we receive basic profile information including your name, profile picture, and email address. This information is used to either create a new game profile or to link an existing one, making your access to KingsPoker Texas Hold’Em smoother and more personalized.

  • Data Security and Privacy: We maintain high standards of data security and privacy. We do not store sensitive information such as passwords or personal identification numbers from these third-party platforms. Our integration is designed to only share the necessary profile information to authenticate your account and enhance your game experience.

  • Recommendations: We encourage you to regularly review the privacy policies of these third-party platforms. Understanding their data sharing and privacy practices will help you make informed decisions about the information you share.

5. Why We Collect Data

The data we collect and how we use it is focused on delivering the best possible experience within our game. Here’s an overview reflecting our data use practices:

  • Profile Creation and Authentication: The cornerstone of your interaction with our game revolves around your profile and authentication. We use your name and profile picture to create a personal game profile that enhances your gaming experience. For authentication purposes, your email and the authentication provider (like Facebook or Google) are utilized to ensure a secure login process, safeguarding your access and maintaining the integrity of your gaming achievements.

  • Notification Tokens for Game Alerts: Staying informed and engaged is vital in the dynamic environment of our game. We utilize notification tokens to send you timely and relevant notifications. These may include updates about game events, news, or personal achievements, ensuring you’re always in the loop and maximizing your gaming enjoyment.

  • Game-Related Data: The essence of gaming is progress and interaction. We store specific game-related data to enrich the community and competitive spirit of the game. This includes:

    • User Stats for Poker Style: Understanding your style of play not only helps you grow as a player but also adds depth to the gaming community. These stats offer insights into your gaming strategy and are visible to other users, fostering a sense of competition and camaraderie.
    • Best Hand Achieved: Highlighting your best hand serves as a badge of honor, showcasing your skill level and memorable moments within the game.
    • Additional Game Data: To continuously improve the game environment and ensure fair play, we collect various gameplay data. This information aids in refining game dynamics, balancing, and providing you with challenges that are both engaging and rewarding.

6. Data Deletion Mechanism

You are the sole proprietor of your own data, with that being said you can request to have it removed off of our servers at any time:

  • You can request that your data (which is your in-game account) be deleted by logging into the game, tapping the settings button on the Home page and selecting the DELETE ACCOUNT option. After your confirmation all the data associated with your account will be wiped off of our servers.

7. Data Security

In the vast digital landscape, data security is our fortress:

  • Every piece of data, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is shielded behind layers of state-of-the-art security measures.
  • Regular audits, system updates, and penetration tests ensure that our defenses evolve, staying one step ahead of potential threats.
  • While our commitment is unwavering, the nature of digital realms means no system is impervious. Thus, a note of caution: always be discerning about the personal information you share, especially in public game settings.

8. Children’s Privacy

The vibrant world of KingsPoker Texas Hold’Em, while immersive, is designed keeping adult sensibilities in mind:

  • We are stringent in our policy of not targeting or engaging users below 13. Our systems are designed to identify and promptly remove such data, if inadvertently collected.

9. Amendments to This Policy

Change is the only constant, more so in the dynamic world of digital gaming:

  • As we evolve, so do our policies. Updates, refinements, or overhauls are made to reflect advancements in technology, shifts in legal paradigms, or feedback from our user community.
  • Every change is communicated proactively. However, in the spirit of empowerment, we recommend a periodic revisit of this policy, ensuring you remain abreast of our data practices.

10. Reaching Out to Us

Our relationship with our users is a dialogue, not a monologue:

  • Whether it’s a concern, a query, or feedback, we are always eager to hear from you. Our dedicated team is on standby, ensuring every communication is treated with the attention it deserves.

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